The Beginning

So…this is the beginning.

My blogging experience is minimal; I blogged a little for Ethos last year but, as passionate as I am about what Ethos is doing, it is no longer the sole focus of my role as Musical Director at Kerith Community Church, and it became apparent that a lot of what I wanted to talk about was being left at the wayside. I’m hoping that this blog will be an outlet to broadcast the passion I have for what I’m doing, as well as any other things I feel is necessary!

Simon Benham, the Senior Pastor at Kerith Community Church talked excellently about having big dreams last week in our Sunday meetings. According to a ‘Strengthfinder’ test I took when I first joined the staff at Kerith in 2008, my primary strength is that I’m futuristic – so naturally this spoke to me. This blog is intended for those that know me so, with that said, my intention is to express my current ambitions (which, depending on circumstances are subject to change!):


Ethos had an amazing year last year. As well as releasing our first CD in July, highlights included leading conferences in Butlins, Lithuania and Albania and playing on the main stage of Abundant Life’s ‘Rocknations’ conference. I want that to be just the beginning. My ambition is to coordinate a team that writes songs that people worship to all over the world, and sees people saved regularly – ultimately, to be a band that people look to when learning about leading worship and a source of inspiration for everyone that we encounter.

Kerith Worship Academy

I am currently trialling the level 1 guitar course for Kerith Worship Academy. The intention behind the fledgling academy is not only to train musicians, but to train worshippers. In September 2010, Kerith Community Church will officially open the Kerith Worship Academy, aimed initially at children between the ages of around 8 to 11, with courses in guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals. It has taken me nearly a year to get to this point, but I am incredibly excited about it. My ambition is to run an academy for all ages in multiple locations teaching many different streams at varying levels. I think it’s something that, if done well and given enough time, can be of national significance.


Revolution is the 11-16s worship band. The team has made some real steps forward in the last year. Thanks to the commitment and support of its members, we’re rapidly learning how to run a worship team for young teens, where the focus is more on learning to worship whilst improving musicianship rather than the high pressure that accompanies the responsibility of playing regularly. Once the Kerith Worship Academy grows, my vision for Revolution is that one day we have enough members to have multiple bands, perhaps practicing at multiple rooms at the same time. It would be so exciting if we had too many members for one band! Revolution are also the future of the Kerith Worship Team, so it would be great to look back in quite a few years time and see newer members of Ethos having been through both the Kerith Worship Academy and Revolution!

I’m fully aware that these are some of the biggest of big dreams, and I make no apology for that. I’m also fully aware that I will never achieve these things on my own. Yes, I need the support and help of the people around me, but more importantly, these things can only be achieved with God. With faith in God, all things are possible.

The Bible says “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1). I’m sure of what I hope for…in that respect, I’ve definitely got the first part right. I just need to work on the second part. I am passionate about God, but is anyone truly certain of him? In a year and a half, I’ve come a long way towards finding my certainty in Him, but I’ve got a long, almost unfathomable way to go.

I’m willing to devote my life to trying to get there.


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