So at the start of my blog, I listed some of the places I wanted to be. I thought it was time for an update.

Kerith Worship Academy – we’re weeks away from finishing the trial run of the Kerith Worship Academy guitar course; and it has been an exceptional success! I can say that happily because I have seen the results of running this course. There are some fantastic young musicians now integrated into the Revolution team; youngters that I think will play a pivotal role in the future of the worship team. Exciting stuff! All the promotional material is finished now and being processed. The job now is to get enrolled in the course and good to go! Can’t wait to start the drums, keyboard and vocal courses in September. Beginning work on the level two guitar course…very very excited indeed!

Revolution – After months of planning, we spent some time recruiting new members to the Revolution team. There are now just under 30 members in Revolution, and we had our first dual band rehearsal last week. Well on the way to where we want to be! The structure of the rehearsal has changed significantly, and it seems to be having a really positive impact on the team as a whole. I’m looking forward to seeing where we are in another few months!

Ethos – The preparation has begun for the Albania tour in July, It’s going to be fantastic! The team that is going is incredible; and everyone has something good to offer. We are so far ahead of where we are in terms of planning compared to last year, I have a really good feeling about what is going to do when we’re away!

Resound – It needs to be said that we have the best team that you could ask for. We’ve got some huge changes coming over the next few months, as well as looking forward to taking things to another level at the conferences this year! I’ve spent the last two weeks working on some behind the scenes stuff, and I’m really pleased with the results! There is a fantastic dynamic both in and out of the office, and we’re all really excited about seeing where we’ll be in another year or so!

My biggest problem is that I’m always looking a year ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really proud of where we are now, but I just can’t resist thinking about where we could be in a year’s time! Can’t wait!

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