I think I’ve always known this, but the last few weeks have highlighted it for me. I’m incredibly impatient.

I know, I know, some of you won’t be at all surprised to hear me say that – in fact, the only thing that will surprise you is how long that it’s taken to come to this realisation in the first place. It feels an awful lot like the world inside my head moves a thousand times faster than the world outside of it. It’s rubbish. I tend to come to decisions in the ‘inside’ world looonngg before the ‘outside’ world does.
The reality is that everything moves at the same speed. I’m certainly not exceptionally smart, quick, or innovative. It’s just that the routes I take are quicker. That isn’t a positive thing. Imagine taking a train from thought A to the destination at point E. I’m realising that I regularly miss out all of the stops in between, missing valuable information, thoughts and processes that could make things a whole lot easier. This blog is a promise to try and get to the final destination without misses any stops along the way. It’s going to be hard.
I bet I’ll lose patience with patience, but we’ll see!
(P.S Sam Wade BMFL Lolage…there you go mate)

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