A Post-2010 Post

I‘ve spent a long time trying to write a blog about 2010. Frankly, I’m sick of getting a paragraph in and deleting everything, so I’m going to try an experiment. I’m going to make a list of my highlights, and if you’re reading this and were involved in a particular memory, I’d love it if you could comment, and tell me what you remember from it:

1. FP Training – Centreparcs
2. 21st Birthday
3. Sam and Dave’s French Adventure
4. Avenue Q with Ellie
5. Poland with Ben D
6. FP Training – Oakwood
7. Ethos Does Albania 2
8. Willow Creek & Chicago, August
9. Chicago, November
10. France, August
11. Ethos @ LIFE’S 1st Birthday
12. Ethos @ Radioactive Radio
13. Ethos @ Reading Church Fun Day
14. The Cottees, Joneses, Findlays – their hospitality made my year
15. England Vs. Australia – RUGBY WIN!!
16. Church Picnic
17. First Revolution rehearsal of new academic year – learning ‘the light’ & hearing Emily K’s song
19. Valentine’s Day
20. Hillsong United live (twice!)
21. John Mayer live
Ok, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a whole load of unbelievable things that happened this year – if I did, let me know! Anyway, please comment away 🙂
Finally, I would portray 2010 incorrectly if I didn’t mention the tremendous sadness that literally hundreds of people felt in July. There aren’t really any words right now that could summarise one of the most upsetting periods I’ve ever experienced, both from personal sadness and from witnessing the immense sadness of many close friends. Instead, I’ve linked to my blog post, as well as many others that say things a million times better than I did, about the death of Annie Clague at the time. Annie won’t be forgotten.
Thank you all for a fantastic year,


One thought on “A Post-2010 Post

  1. Avenue Q = Awesome evening in London. Bought junk-food from M&S before show, had Starbucks after show, you took an awful picture of me asleep on the train home. Valentine's Day = Roadtrip to Bristol – woop wooop!

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