Anna Louise Butler

Born 19th September 19(Censored)
Wife of Paul Butler
Mother of David Betts, Daniel Betts and Isabel Butler

Twenty two years (two months and two days ago to be exact), Anna Butler gave birth to twins; and in so doing earned herself the title of ‘mother’. As one of those twins, I’ve had the privilege of spending pretty near every day of my life with her and, despite (somewhat reluctantly at times) having to share her attention with my brother, been the recipient of an overwhelming amount of her time and energy. She’s phenomenal.

I find it a little daunting to think that at every single moment in my life…EVERY moment in my life…my mother has loved me unconditionally, worried about me (unconditionally!), thought about me, loved me and missed me unconditionally. My earliest memory involves me balancing precariously along a wooden beam at nursery – I love that my mother was there and can remember me at that age far more vividly than I can. Even at twenty two as I arrive home from work, my mother is there. How much more incredible is it that my mother is not just my mother; but that she managed to start at the deep end with two children at once, before adding a third later on?!

My mother lost her own mother at eighteen. I can’t imagine that. I’d be lost without mine. For me, that’s an even greater testament to the amazing woman that she is. For a while she was a single mother with twins. I can’t imagine that. I can barely look after myself, let alone myself and two small children as well. I have never gone without, never suffered, never felt any burden or strain. Yet, I am not spoilt. Thank you mum, I don’t know how you managed that!

I don’t want to ramble much more, as there is actually another point to this. I am very fortunate in that I able to work with, spend time with or lead a number of people at my church. I spend countless hours with the church community; something that couldn’t make me happier. I also have the privilege of being able to try and make some small impact on the people around me. The reality is that the majority of people that read this blog will be people that will know me rather than my mother, but don’t see or hear about the amazing woman that she is. However, if you have been impacted by me in any way, I want you to know that you have automatically been impacted by her. For example:

If I have taught you guitar: my mother (and fantastic step father) paid for my guitar lessons and encouraged me to practice.

If I have helped you revise: my mother was the person that helped me to learn to read and write – I wouldn’t have had the ability to help you with anything if it wasn’t for her.

If you have been impacted by a song I’ve written, or something I’ve said: my mother is responsible for the guitar lessons, the piano lessons, the singing lessons, the violin lessons, the music composition lessons and the freedom to read, write and learn about anything I want.

If I have given you a lift anywhere: my mother (and fantastic step father) paid for my driving lessons, and sat with me as I endangered their lives in the name of L plates!

If I have led you in any capacity: my mother (and fantastic step father again) ALWAYS provided (and still helps to provide) me with everything I needed to learn and grow; whether books, tuition or otherwise, my mum would provide it.

If you enjoy my company, if you are influenced by me in any way or if you have benefitted from something I have done in any way whatsoever: my mother is responsible for it. She is my biggest influence and my best mentor.

This is a bit of a long shot, but if I’ve made any difference to you, I’d really love you to thank Anna, my mum. Whether a comment on the inevitable Facebook link, or an email to (I’ll forward them to her so I don’t
give away her email address…she’d kill me!), it would really mean a lot to me, because I know it will mean a lot to her. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Whether you’re twelve or sixty, I would be extremely grateful for your input as with your help I can truly convey how thankful I am for my mother and all she’s done for me.

I appreciate that this whole thing might not be to your taste, but I really couldn’t care less. I think my next blog entry will be all about encouragement anyway – let’s not cheapen heartfelt encouragement just because it isn’t the norm!

(Definitely going to kill me for this pic!)


6 thoughts on “Mum/Mother/Mummy/Mom

  1. Ok – I'll start this off. I think you have an amzing ability to take the smallest fragment of an idea and turn it into a 'thing'. You have a great capacity for dreaming up new stuff in an amazing way! I'm guessing your Mum has given you huge space to dream big and has supported you even if it seemed a bit wacky or not what she'd thought would be the path for you. So Thank you Dave's Mum – we are reaping the benefits!!

  2. Have only ever seen you in passing but have spent time with your Mum & she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. You are an absolute credit to her & I know she’s very proud of you.

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