Day 1: Revolution

Thursdays are our rehearsal days. They are long, but very rewarding.

I would love to film a Revolution rehearsal in particular and show the church on a Sunday. There is something so exciting about rehearsing with such a passionate group of people. Yes, there are comments that would make you cringe and at times, the theology is not quite on the money but these guys are way ahead of many of their peers in terms of spiritual maturity, musicianship and leadership. I get genuinely jump-up-and-down excited (even now, I’m rocking back and forth with my laptop sat precariously on my keees) about the prospects of these young men and women of God. To see where many of them have come from, to look back at some tough conversations and to watch them lead now as incredible role models at some of the external events we go to (LIFE on Tour is tomorrow; Revolution will be playing at two locations) is just staggering.

I think one of the things that makes me so excited is the fact that I’m on a constant journey with Revolution too. They inspire me. I was barely a Christian when I started working with them – four years in, I’m so proud that I have had the privilege of growing up with them.

These are just a few of my Revolution heroes...

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