Day 2: Not-To-Do Lists

I have a fantastic application on my phone called ‘Orchestra‘. Don’t be deceived, it’s nothing musical; it’s actually just a smart way of making ‘to-do lists’. It’s also a bookmark on my web browser, which means I can always know exactly what needs to be done at any time. It’s brilliant.

I’ve recently taken on a little bit more responsibility in my job at Kerith and to be perfectly honest, without it I’d be completely lost. I simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with everything that I need to complete in time. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone that is interested. It’s incredible.

However, I was reminded of a message today where the speaker talked about ‘not-to-do lists’. I forget the speaker’s name now, but it really hit me hard. I’m a typical culprit of trying to do too much at once and then burning out. One of the greatest challenges we face in the 21st century is knowing when not to do something. Not to get involved. Just to be still and spend time with God. I have a shameful habit of getting up early, getting on with stuff before I even get to church, working all day without any breaks and then working through to whatever rehearsal, meeting or other engagement is happening in the evening. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s probably not the most productive way of working, but I think it makes me feel like I’m making a difference to the kingdom of God. I don’t think God sees it like that.

Psalm 46:10 says (with emphasis added):

“Be still, and know that I am God;

will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth.”

This is an assurance if ever there was one. Be still, and know. God will be exalted among the nations regardless of what I do. God will be exalted in the earth whether I work stupid hours or not. My challenge is to try and focus on the things that matter and find the things that I really don’t need to do. To make more time to simply rest in the presence of God in a place without to-do lists and time limits. I may need reminding every now and then, but I am determined to meet with God in a new, refreshed way this year. I remember someone once gave me some brilliant advice:
Instead of constantly praying for God to bless things in your life, why not pray that God will take away anything that’s not of him?

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