Day 16: Painting The Future

I had the opportunity to speak to our worship team last night about some of our future plans which was very exciting. A few years ago I took a StrengthsFinder test and the number one strength described me as ‘futuristic’, so as you can imagine I get incredibly energised by talking about things to come. Perhaps it’s because you can mould and bend the future into a direction of your choice. The problem, for me at least, is that in the present is that I feel like I’m always reacting to other people and their actions, whereas with the future I get to act in it. I get to paint a picture of a future that I want to see; granted, there might be certain constraints that colour my choices but rarely does that affect the whole of the painting itself.

It’s the idea of progressing and moving forward that grips me – I just can’t stomach the idea of being static. Going back to the painting metaphor, to me choosing to be static is like sitting in front of a blank piece of paper with all the paint I could possibly need and making a deliberate choice just to sit and stare at the empty page. I just can’t do it! And yet, inadvertently that’s what happens to all of us if we’re not careful. If we’re not deliberate we end up finishing our lives with nothing but a blank piece of paper – nothing to show for our years on this earth. I’m not going to get all religious at this point and say that that unless you’ve painted a pretty picture you’re not getting into Heaven – mainly because that’s simply not true. However, I know I’d feel much better getting to the end of my life knowing that I gave my very best at everything, 100% of the time. We should want to make a difference not because we have to, but because we have the opportunity to. What a privilege!


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