Day 22: Breaking the Speed Limit


a) something that bounds, confines or constrains.

b) the utmost extent.

This is the first definition of the word from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary. And yet, this is not the definition I have assigned to it. When I see or hear the word ‘limit’, everything within me wants to fight it with every ounce of my being. Limits, whilst clearly defined above, feel to me like the were made to be broken. Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m being completely honest I don’t think it is.

Take speed limits. I rarely see a car that sticks strictly to the speed limit assigned to the roads. I’m by no means perfect, but the scale of the problem hit me a few days ago when a women who was clearly past her 60s raced past me in her metallic mini match-box of a car. Put it this way – her age must have paled into insignificance compared to her speed. She was fast. How this senior citizen managed it I’ll never know, but I find it hard to blame her. Those thick red lines make British speed limit signs look curiously like targets…for some reason, I’ll consistently find myself driving subconsciously at 35mph in a 30mph zone just to prove a point. I know. I’m crazy.

Unfortunately, I’m prone to having the same attitude towards the speed in which I live my life. If I know that I’m only supposed to push myself to a certain limit, I will purposely try and exceed it to prove a point. I know that there are many people who find themselves in the same boat. Why do we do that? Speed limits are there for a reason. They dictate the highest speed in which you can generally ensure the safety of both yourself and pedestrians. I know many people who are regularly told to slow down the pace that they are ‘doing’ life. The limits that are recommended are to stop us from potentially crashing, causing damage to either ourselves or the people around us. Yet we ignore them because we believe that limits aren’t really our limits; they’re more for everyone else.

Today’s post is really a reminder to check your speed limit. Are you navigating through your days at safe speeds? Do you need to slow down? Conversely, do you need to speed up? Is the speed that you’re taking life so slow that it is beginning to affect others? Think about the impact of the speed you choose to live at – it might be safe for you, but is it safe for others?


3 thoughts on “Day 22: Breaking the Speed Limit

  1. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. I was just about to force myself to go to two lectures after staying up all night writing an assignment AND having just done a show. This is a God push to spend the day resting I feel!

  2. I have to limit myself following a mental breakdown 8 years ago…it means that I have to be careful not to try and do everything at breakneck speed…been there done that and looked where is got me….

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