Day 24: My God Is A God Who Provides

January 2010: My first blog post.

If you can spare the time, I’d strongly recommend flicking back to it (click here).

March 2012: I have just read it again for the first time in two years or so and I’m blown away. Not by my writing skills (certainly not), but by God’s provision. I’m going to list the various dreams I had on that day in January 2010 and then explain where we’re currently at:

Ethos / Kerith Worship

“My ambition is to coordinate a team that writes songs that people worship to all over the world, and sees people saved regularly”

The ‘Ethos’ name disappeared when the last of it’s early members left for university. Instead, we adopted the name ‘Kerith Worship’ to incorporate every member of the worship team (See our blog here). Last year, we released two CDs, ‘Magnanimous’ and ‘This is Love’. Since writing my first blog post, people literally all over the world have emailed us to tell us that they are worshipping to our songs. Australia, Albania, Poland, South Africa, Lithuania, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, France, Cyprus, Canada and the USA are just a few of the places that we have heard from where people are listening to the CDs that we release for free and meeting with God through it. We are part of a church that are regularly seeing people saved and we get to play a part in that (Thank you, Jesus!). Just last night at LIFE, a few people decided to become Christians and devote their lives to following Jesus. God is good.

Kerith Worship Academy

“My ambition is to run an academy for all ages in multiple locations teaching many different streams at varying levels.”

We currently run two levels of Worship Academy courses – Level 1 on a Tuesday (one guitar class) and level 2 on a Wednesday (separate classes for guitar, vocal, keyboard and drums). We have some exciting plans for the future. Our students are incredible. God is good.


“Once the Kerith Worship Academy grows, my vision for Revolution is that one day we have enough members to have multiple bands, perhaps practicing at multiple rooms at the same time. It would be so exciting if we had too many members for one band! Revolution are also the future of the Kerith Worship Team, so it would be great to look back in quite a few years time and see newer members of Ethos having been through both the Kerith Worship Academy and Revolution!”

We now have two set bands for Revolution, practising in both the Kerith Centre and K2. They are exceptionally talented, extraordinary young people…but I talk about them a lot. You can read more about my thoughts on Revolution here. There are three guitarists in Revolution that I have had the privilege of teaching from scratch; two have come entirely through the Worship Academy ranks and one joined the level 2 program after a few years of private lessons. There are a number of members in Revolution who are of a standard high enough for the adult team as well, which is very exciting indeed. Good is good.

Our God is a God who answers prayers. Our God is a God who encourages us to dream big. We’ve seen what He has done through LIFE, our youth group. We’ve seen what he’s done through our Worship ministry. And they’re just the ministries I get to be involved with. It blows my mind to think that God is doing this all over the church; all over the nation; all over the world, and most incredibly, all at the same time! It serves as a useful reminder that the visions that are so monumental to us are minuscule in His eyes.

Below is what I signed off my first blog post with. I think it’s apt to sign off with it now (the length of time as been altered) as we look to see even more of God’s indescribable provision in our lives:

The Bible says “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1). I’m sure of what I hope for…in that respect, I’ve definitely got the first part right. I just need to work on the second part. I am passionate about God, but is anyone truly certain of him? In [three and a half years], I’ve come a long way towards finding my certainty in Him, but I’ve got a long, almost unfathomable way to go.

I’m willing to devote my life to trying to get there.



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