Day 27: Incremental Is Not My Style.

There’s nothing like the feeling of making progress. That feeling of satisfaction as you distance yourself from your start point and close in (whether quickly or painstakingly slowly) on your destination. I’m an ‘ideas’ guy. A dreamer. I could quite happily sit in a room filled with whiteboards and note pads and conjure up blue prints for the future – the next big project, the idea that will really mean something special.

The problem is, execution is not my strength.

While I’d say I’m a little impatient, I think the people that work with me would probably describe me as frustratingly so. I want the ideas to happen now! In Jim Collins’ book, ‘Great By Choice’, he discusses how many great ideas, projects or companies actually start by firing bullets and then cannonballs when they have a great idea. Testing the water before diving in, if you like. Take the example of (now don’t be shocked, but…) Apple’s iPod. They fired small bullets to test their target, releasing the iPod only for Apple computers. When they knew it had the potential to be a phenomenal success, they fired their cannonball, rolling out the iPod for non-Apple platforms, expanding their market by nearly twenty times. The rest is history.

I think it’s a fantastic concept, but I find it really difficult to execute. I’m more of a ‘fire nuclear missiles then see what happens’ person. I tend to put every ounce of energy that I have into a project until it’s complete (which, for the record is always as soon as possible) and then enjoy the spoils. It’s not that I don’t like planning; it’s just that I am a big fan of new ideas and that feeling of obvious, tangible progress. Incremental is not my style. Which makes a project I’ve been working on recently both infuriating and liberating at the same time.

Let’s just say I’ve had one of my ideas. I actually had it over a year ago and have spent the last 12 months planning, putting off or postponing it but last night, I think we finally made some serious progress. You know there’s always that one guy you know that happens to be a borderline genius? My one happens to be a good friend called ‘Neeeil’ (no, that wasn’t a spelling mistake). Neeeil has been on board with this idea since around September/October last year, but we have just struggled to make any progress for various reasons.

Imagine the frustration!

Last night was it. Progress! I feel like we are finally getting somewhere…and that’s if the idea even works in the end. But after looking back at the things God has done with our worship ministry at Kerith Community Church (see here), I can’t help but find comfort in the knowledge that God’s timing is perfect. Whether I find the progress I’m looking for or whether it’s more like a dripping tap, God knows the timings He has for me. Progress will be made with the Kerith Worship team. Progress will be made with ‘the idea’. However, I’m wasting my time if I’m looking at my own schedule – it’s really not for me to know.

What matters most is that we let God guide us unquestionable faith, regardless of our own desires.


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