Day 29: A Creation Conversation

I have the privilege of being able to spend time tutoring young guitarists in our Kerith Worship Academy courses. Level 1 (beginners) on a Tuesday and level 2 (intermediate) on a Wednesday. What makes Wednesdays so special, however, is the fact that all four disciplines (electric guitar, keyboard, drums and vocals) come together for half an hour at the end to discuss certain aspects of theology. Today we talked about creation.

It’s such a fascinating subject. There are so many different theories about how the universe was created – whilst many contradict the teachings of the Bible, there are many different theologically accurate view points about the beginning of creation. Whilst I find it interesting, my faith is certainly in no way hinged to the debate; what matters to me is Jesus. Regardless of how God formed the universe, Jesus still chose to leave his throne in Heaven, live on this earth as both fully man and fully God before sacrificing himself on the cross with the weight of our sins resting on his shoulders. He still rose triumphantly from the grave and into victory, securing our souls for eternity…if we only choose to follow him. Jesus is, and will always be at the centre.

Still interesting nonetheless, we talked today about how God is transcendent – separate from and above but still utterly involved his creation. We also talked about how Galileo caused unrest in the church hundreds of years ago when he suggested that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way around. The church of the day put him under house arrest for his ‘heretical views’, when in fact, he had never actually contradicted the Scriptures at all; rather, the church had simply misinterpreted them. So interesting!!

This conversation set me up perfectly for my regular drive home. The clocks have gone forward now, so my journey began at just the right time to see the most beautiful sunset. In the aftermath of our creation conversation, I couldn’t help but try and chase the sunset, mesmorised by God’s handiwork. This was the photo I took when I got home:

The sunset outside my house yesterday evening.

How can you be anything other than in awe of our Creator when you see pictures like this?! For those of you that follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a sunrise/sunset addict. I’ll often take photos on the way to an early morning Sunday soundcheck (perhaps not in the safest way possible) and ever since I was about thirteen, I haven’t been able to resist the stunning allure of a summer’s setting sun. Here are a few of well over a hundred photos in my collection from the last few years to demonstrate the point:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Despite their obvious beauty, today’s particularly spectacular sunset seemed to hit me hard…a strong reminder that God is still very much involved with his creation today. We serve a God who gives us each and every breath to sustain us and simultaneously highlights the beauty of his creation in some of the most awe-inspiring natural phenomenons…how can we not give God all the glory that he deserves?!

Acts 17:25 (emphasis added)
And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else.


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