Day 34: In That Moment

Following on from yesterday’s post…

It’s amazing how easily I can take moments for granted. Often, I don’t appreciate them when they are in the present, out in the open where they can be moulded and shaped. Instead, I tend to see their true value when they are locked away from all but my mind’s eye, brittle and unchanging, slowly fading like the old photos your parents used to keep in ‘that box’. Take this Sunday for example. As a Music Director for a church, it probably won’t be surprising for me to tell you that Easter Sunday is a pretty big day. The day we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God who sacrificed his life so that our sins would be forgiven and, if we choose to believe in him, we’d live for eternity with our Father in Heaven. Pretty big day.

Like many other churches, Kerith Community Church strives to create ‘moments’ that connect the created with their Creator. From the time we spend singing songs of worship together to the ‘one thing’ that the message is intended to communicate, our focus is to create moments where people can feel the presence of God tangibly in their lives. Easter Sunday is no different. Every area of the Creative Arts team at Kerith have had their work cut out with months of planning and preparation and all with one goal. To create a series of moments where our church can meet powerfully with the living God. Whether its understanding the sheer weight of what Jesus did for us, feeling the guidance of the Holy Spirit or devoting their lives to following Jesus for the first time, our soul focus is to support our congregation in leaving the Kerith Centre closer to God than when they entered. That’s it.

These moments are so easy to take for granted. I’ve been involved with the planning process from the outset; I’ve seen the planning sheets, arranged and rehearsed some of the songs and spent hours trying to create the right sounds and the right ‘feel’ to the day. And that’s just me. Others have put in equal amounts of work in – all for one day. But if I take this moment for granted; if I get too wrapped up in the execution rather than the motive of the day, it’s utterly pointless. It’s not about the lights. It’s not about the music. It’s about appreciating each moment with God, about having my focus set on Him and Him  alone and letting all the external factors that we create aid me in the heartfelt worship of my God.


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