Day 35: Anyone Remember Kony 2012?

The sequel to Invisible Children’s ‘Kony 2012’ video has been postponed by a few days, according to World News.  But does anyone really care?

In around a month the original ‘Kony 2012’ YouTube movie has amassed almost 87 million views. Yet this incredible viral achievement is largely overshadowed by  controversy – from photos of Invisible Children’s leaders posing with weapons (see below) to Jason Russell’s hospitalisation.

It’s amazing how a potentially world-changing project can be so affected by the smallest of details. For me, this serves as a poignant reminder that character is far more important than gifting. Integrity far exceeds the need for talent to create lasting change. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re talented and gifted but lack integrity and character, I think you can be successful. Just look at all the Hollywood Divas and some of the incredibly rude movie-stars that grace our television screens. I just don’t think it’s possible to translate that personal success into truly world-changing significance. Character must always come first in order to transcend the ‘ceiling of self-centredness.’

I really hope a lot of good comes from the  ‘Kony 2012’ campaign, but I’m concerned that the public simply won’t latch onto the idea in the same way they would have done without all of these controversies.

Does anyone else have any thoughts? Are you still an avid supporter of Kony 2012? Have you always disagreed with the campaign? Have you changed your mind after any of these developments?


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