Day 43: The Internet – Global Addiction or Necessity?

Shortly after arriving at work yesterday morning, the power cut out. For a few minutes I was incredibly smug as I saw black on every computer screen except my own. My laptop. I was invincible…

…until I realised that I had no access to the internet or any of the files I needed. Even after the power returned, there was no initial access to the internet. My world at work was thrown into chaos and I was rendered utterly useless for a while. Gone was my ability to pass instant information to the people that I needed it to reach. Gone was the ability to continue the work that I needed to complete that day. In short, it was an administrative disaster! I headed out of the desert and led my technology to the promised land filled with bountiful supplies of power and internet – my house.

As I sat down to work, I was struck by how dependent I’m becoming on the internet for my day-to-day requirements. Yesterday I talked about Instagram and the rise of a constantly-connected generation…but what if we lost that connection? What if we lost the world we spend so many of our thoughts in?

It’s quite astonishing how reliant we are on the world wide web. The opportunities that it offers are plain to see. As I have said before, the world shrinks under the web’s global blanket and draws people who are continents apart infinitely closer together. But whilst it offers fantastic opportunities, we can also find ourselves restricted – the internet becomes our lifeline and without it…well, without it, what do we do? I mean, you’re reading this blog post on the internet aren’t you? Did you use the internet to see what your friends were doing right now? How many emails are sat in your inbox right now? Imagine having to read every email as a letter by post…that wouldn’t be enjoyable! What about those of you who shop online, sell online, do business online? What about those of you who study online?

I only really have one very simple point today. Actually, it’s more of a question:

How would you cope if the internet vanished tomorrow? Are we addicted to the internet, or has it become a necessity?


One thought on “Day 43: The Internet – Global Addiction or Necessity?

  1. I really love the internet, but I am concerned about how much of a necessity it has become. If the internet were to shut down for some reason, we would lose all our money, all our businesses etc. It’s a scary thought.

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