Day 45: If In Doubt, Honour People (James Hosker)

I’ll be honest with you. It’s been 45 days and today I was struggling for ideas. Well, if in doubt, honour people. If ever I find it difficult to write about something, I’m simply going to think of someone to honour. My first candidate is James Hosker.

James Hosker, also known (much to his dislike) as ‘Jimmy Choo-Choo’, is a Foley Assistant at Molinare, musical genius and all-round top bloke (read his blog if you don’t believe me). I first met James a couple of years ago when he moved from Leicester with his wife, Jennifer. It wasn’t too long before he got involved with the worship team, which is where we started to get to know each other.

The thing I love the most about James is that he’s remarkably humble and exceptionally talented at the same time. There’s no doubt that he’s an accomplished musician, but where he really comes into his own is in the production, arrangement and recording side of things. James has an uncanny way of getting me to dream bigger than I possibly could on my own – if you are a part of Kerith Community Church, you may have noticed his influence in the form of loops and backing tracks (last week’s Easter opener was all thanks to a Jimmy Choo-Choo backing track). A massive part of the direction we’re heading in as a worship team is down to exciting post-church conversations with this lovable-skinhead! You would never hear him take the credit he deserves for it though. Awesome. We also experimented with ‘electro-worship’ last year; James (with the laptop in this video) was instrumental in this:

I recently had the opportunity to support James as he led worship at his old church in Luton. It was really exciting to see him lead with such an awareness of the Holy Spirt, but also to see his insight as he shared with the church’s worship team. We’ve all got a lot to learn from this man!

More than anything, the thing that makes James stand out is his is attitude. He does everything with a smile on his face, with utmost integrity and to a brilliant standard. He’s one of the biggest unsung heroes that I know and despite only being a few years older than me, a real inspiration. James Hosker, you hero!

(P.S. Please, please, please, call him Jimmy Choo-Choo. He’d hate it, but it’ll make my life complete.)


4 thoughts on “Day 45: If In Doubt, Honour People (James Hosker)

    1. Thanks Sharon for your kind words, and thanks Dave for this post – it’s such an incredible blessing!

      Also, Dave if you’re going to start throwing names about I’ll be forced to retaliate. Don’t make me crack out the Bettsie-Boop-Boop!

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