Day 47: Relentless Optimism

This quote is proudly occupying my desktop background as we speak. Today’s post is a fairly simple encouragement to attempt greatness. That’s all.

I’d really like you to watch this video (click anywhere on this paragraph). Unfortunately the user has revoked their permissions to embed it, but that’s ok. Watch it anyway. Really. I think it might change your day.

…have you watched it?

…no, really? I strongly recommend it!

I might be a glass half-full kind of guy, but I refuse to believe that we aren’t each capable of individual greatness. We can change the world if we want to. Nothing that can knock you down, bring you to your knees or slow your progress can ever stop you from getting back up again and reaching unobtainable feats. “If you would not not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.” It doesn’t matter whether that’s at home, at school or at work. Ultimately, hurdles are only as big as we allow them to be.

Over the years, I have met many people who choose not to believe that they can do big things. It breaks my heart. Why not?! Why settle for mediocrity when greatness is just over the horizon – just because we can’t see it yet, don’t think you can’t get to it. In the 21st century, we consider a twenty four hour journey to be huge. Yet, three hundred years ago, that would have been nothing. I think it’s the same with our ambitions. Our generation is fed the lie that twenty four hour ambitions are all we are capable of. That’s not true. Think big, think long term and let God fill in the gap between your dream and your ability.

Please, please, please don’t accept ‘normal’ as a unit of measurement. You have a whole lot more to give. One of the greatest tragedies in life is unrealised potential. Please don’t tell me otherwise. I simply refuse to accept anything other than shameless optimism. Sorry about that!


2 thoughts on “Day 47: Relentless Optimism

  1. I watched it all the way through….it is inspirational….my cover timeline is “Life does not have to be perfect…it just has to be lived” That is my mantra….also at Spring Harvest one of the themes was that we CAN change the world if we want to…nothing should be too daunting….

  2. Love this. I truly believe it too. So true that we often live to survive the next 24hrs and so on… Thankfully the Great One can instil a desire in us to make our lives really count, believing that in him and with him, anything is possible.

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