Day 50: The Journey So Far.

I’ve made it to 50 posts!

So what have I learnt after 50 days of blogging?

Blogging every day is not easy.

It’s difficult to find something to write about every single day, for a few reasons. More and more I’m realising that I bludgeon my way through each day with my head bowed and my legs pumping…but in the act of ‘pushing’ I forget to process so much of what God is doing in my life. Blogging has been an incredibly useful way to stop and reflect on my day. It’s also very difficult to physically write every day. I’m often out of the house within half an hour of waking up and home ridiculously late. Believe me, the last thing you want to do at 23:30 after thirteen hours of work is sit and try and write something profound. It’s certainly a challenge!

There are opportunities to learn in far more areas than we think. 

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, I miss so much of what God is doing in my life because of my determination to make it to the finish line at all costs. However, what I’ve also realised is that I miss countless opportunities to learn. Normally, I restrict my learning to Sunday’s message or in the latest book I’m reading – these are both good but there’s so much more! In writing these blog posts, I’ve found that I’ve learnt from television shows, watching rugby and even simply driving home from work to name just a few things. It’s amazing what you can learn when you’re open to learning.

Other people are interested in what you have to say.

This has surprised me more than anything. In the last two months, people from 36 different countries have read my blog. I find that staggering. I’m so humbled by the fact that there are people throughout the world who are encouraged by what I have to say. The reality is that I’m distinctly average in every way – this is a huge encouragement to anyone who is thinking about blogging, writing or engaging with social media in any way. People want to hear to what you have to say. Let’s utilise that in a truly positive way.

I’ve got a long, long way to go.

50 posts is a lot of blog posts, but I’ve still got 315 days to go. So…many…posts. I’m up for the challenge though. I’m not planning on giving in just yet. Hopefully, you’re up for the journey too. See you tomorrow!


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