Day 55: Adventures in Albania

This is my first post from foreign soil. I like that. They will probably be shorter and more journal-like over the next few days…I hope that’s ok!

The sun is shining; a gentle breeze is floating through an open window and in the distance a dog is attacking this idyllic setting with it’s incessant, irritating barking. I’m in Albania with two other members of the Kerith Community Church staff team for a few days to teach, train and preach alongside our Albanian friends.

I love being in Albania. The fourth visit in three years, it’s exciting not only to make friends here, but to see them grow in their faith and expand the reaches of the Kingdom of God. However, this is my first visit without an entire band, so inevitably the atmosphere is very different indeed. I’m looking forward to working with some of the Albanian bands here though, who knows where it could lead?! Perhaps the next Christian revival could be in Albania! Tomorrow I’ll post a bit more about what we’re up to, along with some photos. But for now, a migraine is setting in so I better get off the computer as soon as possible. See you tomorrow!


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