Day 58: Glorious Albanian

Yesterday morning’s training sessions were very exciting. We got into lots of the technical aspects of leading worship and even got to teach a few of our own songs to our Albanian friends. I sometimes feel a little ‘iffy’ teaching our own songs to other churches; I am suddenly very self-conscious and worry that we give the impression that we’re teaching them in order to enhance our egos. That couldn’t be further from the truth. But there is always this sense that we’re teaching songs to people that don’t necessarily want to hear them.

Our young friend, Daniel Qelemeni, had brought his acoustic guitar with him…only with a broken string. I have a particular fondness for this guy as he’s the same age as three of my worship academy students / Revolution members and it’s exciting to watch him grow a little more into the man God has called him to be each year. I’m all too happy to re-string his guitar for him; after all, I spend so much time doing it at home for various people that I can do it in my sleep! We went into the kitchen area and whilst I was teaching Daniel to re-string his guitar, I heard something that moved me very much. The riff to a song that I’d written echoed around the room and the drums joined in. The girls starting singing the chorus to ‘The Light’, only they were singing it in Albanian. I’d never taught the riff to that song in Albania…they’d learnt it entirely themselves. I felt so humbled; even more so later on when Mirjana Herri (one of the girls in the picture below) was singing the melody to ‘Glorious’, another song of mine. It’s more than enough of a privilege to hear people in our own church worshipping to songs that I’ve normally scratched out in my bedroom, but to hear people who live thousands of miles away singing our songs as well was unbelievable. I can’t fully describe how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to do things like this.

After finishing and saying our goodbyes, we headed to Korce ready for today’s meeting. Edi is keen for us to spend more time with his worship team and talk through some more practical steps to improving the standard of the team. I can’t wait to get stuck in. It’s going to be a good day!


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