Day 61: Travel Buddies

Me with my travel buddies, Colin and Liam

I’ve talked a lot about what I’ve been doing in Albania over the last few days, but I’m conscious that I haven’t spoken much about my two exceptional travel buddies. In a world where honour is slowly evaporating, these inspirational men of God need to be hugely encouraged for the amazing things they do:

Colin Boyle

Colin Boyle led the worship team many years before Helen (Worship Pastor) and I (Music Director) were around. It cannot be underestimated just how influential he has been in shaping Kerith Community Church into what it is today. If it wasn’t for Colin, there would never have been the opportunity for to get to do what I do. I have a lot to be thankful to him for! Colin and I have very different musical backgrounds, but it was an absolute privilege to work alongside him in the training of a few worship teams in Albania. His insights can be phenomenal and it was extremely moving to see his passion about worship shining through all that he talked about. In recent weeks we’ve played alongside each other for prayer meetings, Sunday meetings, Worship Academy and now this overseas trip – it’s been fantastic getting to spend lots of time with Colin and learn huge amounts from him.

Liam Parker (on the right!!)

Liam Parker is currently the Youth Paster at Kerith Community Church. Our journey together has been an odd one; we started as volunteers (at the same age) at the church within weeks of each other in September 2008 and have worked fairly closely with each other ever since. Initially, we were both in the the youth department together, as my sole responsibility was youth worship and his was Friday nights – but as time has moved on, so have our¬†responsibilities. We’ve been blessed with fantastic leaders around us to nurture us and help us grow and have been fortunate enough to see amazing things in both areas of ministry. As you can imagine, running a youth worship team means that Liam and I stay in fairly regular contact. This is not the first time Liam and I have travelled together this year, but it was brilliant to work together again in Albania. Liam is a gifted preacher and after nearly four years of working together, we’ve become fairly adept at supporting each other when working together. It’s exciting to see him coordinating the youth camp in Pogradec this year with such ease and communicating so effectively with whoever we come into contact with. We had a great time learning Albanian together and I’m hugely excited about seeing what God will use him for when we arrive back at the camp in July.

If you get a chance to pray for either of them, please do. Pray that they would feel immense blessings in their lives. They are brilliant people and it was an absolute honour to spend time with them over the last six or seven days. We’ll be back in Albania in eleven weeks or so, so if you’ve got a bit of a thing for Albanian-themed posts, you don’t have too long to wait!


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