Day 63: If In Doubt, Honour People (Dave Hulme)

I’m in that crazy phase right now where I don’t seem to have time to do anything. One thing that I can do without thinking too hard about it is honour people. I’ve got about 15 minutes, so today I’m going to honour Dave Hulme.

If you read my testimony a few posts back, you might remember that I joined the youth worship team at Kerith in the first week of 2008. What surprised me the most about the team was how welcoming and friendly everyone was. Dave Hulme was one of the people that day who made me feel completely at home (despite criticising my iPod touch that I had just bought). Since then, we have spent a huge amount of time together and I can confidently say that he is one of the most loyal, funny people I know. Many of my past friendships have been marred by disloyalty, broken trust and dishonesty, so having a friend like Dave in my life is something that I am hugely grateful for. He’s a top guy.

Dave is a phenomenal musician and fully fledged computer geek (studying Computer Science at Southampton University). He ran the tech team at LIFE just as it began to explode and has been hugely influential both in the church and my own life. Naturally, there is a huge amount of banter between us and we don’t always share the same opinions about things, but we have the kind of friendship where that’s ok. It’s been an absolute privilege to know Dave over the last four years – I’m just excited to see what God does with him in the coming years. I could probably dedicate an entire blog to stories about the legend that is Dave Hulme. What a hero!

Oh, and, here’s one of Dave’s home videos. If you can watch this without laughing, I salute you. I can’t:


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