Day 65: …And Rest

Wow. I need to rest.

These posts are getting later and later at the moment – but I’m determined not to give up on my year long challenge. I’ve hit a heavy season recently and whilst I know it’ll pass, I certainly feel like I’m doing this blog challenge a disservice.

Tonight was the first few brief hours of unadulterated, rejuvenating, nothing-on-the-agenda rest I’ve had in some time. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve had time off of work, but my time has been crammed full of assignments, study sessions, rehearsals, social events or any number of other things that whilst sometimes enjoyable, are not particularly energising. I’m realising more and more as I get older that I thrive on time alone and the lack of space to think and process things renders me almost totally useless. I become a robot operating through routine. I don’t like that. I much prefer the idea of looking for opportunities for innovation…but in order to do that I need to be awake.

Living life to the full doesn’t mean cramming as much in as possible and plodding your way through it like a zombie, exhausted and unable to take it all in. Living life to the full means being awake, alert and alive enough to be able to truly enjoy the life that you’ve been blessed with. One of life’s great challenges.

I just wish it was an easier challenge!


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