Day 67: The Challenge Of My Life

I saw an advert/commercial (depending on where you’re reading this post) for ‘Red Bull’ yesterday. One of the things is said was this:

“The challenge of my life is to see how far I can take it.”

(view the video by clicking here – blogging whilst travelling for the next few days so embedding videos not possible: )

I liked it enough to write it down. This quote was the precursor to my second viewing of ‘The Avengers’ and after both, I left feeling inspired. How far can I take life? I’m not about to don a leotard and fight crime (although at this point I will mention that I own a custom-made black Spider-Man costume). What I will fight to the death is the monotony and acceptance of a life where every day is the same. I want to see everything I can of the world whilst impacting it in a way that has far-reaching consequences. Seeing lives transformed for the better should not be a hope but an expectation. How can I help? Who can I bless? How I can honour God the most?

If life is a road, I’m still very much in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Every now and then my path diverts to exciting, beautiful and fresh places but I’ve got a full tank and the road stretches far beyond my current horizons. How far can I go? I never want to lose the drive to do something that outlasts me.

Are you settling for less than you know you’re capable of? If so, why? Why not take the challenge of seeing how far you can take your life? Does the phrase ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ have to be just a quote?

“If you believe in it, then anything is possible.”


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