Day 76: Vision and Prayers – The Way Forward

Kerith Community Church is an incredible place to be. At some point in the not-too-distant future I’ll write a series of posts about it for my non-Kerith followers, but for now I wanted to talk about last night’s prayer meeting.

Every month in our K2 building we gather on two evenings during the week to pray for various things in the community. Last night’s focus was entirely on ‘future stuff’. I may have mentioned before that on my ‘strengthsfinder’ test my number one strength was ‘futuristic’ so as you can imagine, that ticked all my boxes. As a member of the staff team at Kerith, a very little was fresh news to me (although many smaller details were) but there I something I find so invigorating about talking about the future.

I get to be a part of a church that is thriving, growing and transforming the surrounding area and having an impact internationally. I get to be a part of a church where the vision is God-sized and daunting but where I know that the team that lead it and the community of people that define it have the faith and audacity to make it a reality. There is no doubt in my mind that what we prayed for last night – from the dormitory plans for the girls in Serenje, Zambia to some of the office moves in September (and much more very exciting, big things that I feel I shouldn’t mention just yet until Simon, our Senior Pastor does on his own blog – you can follow his blog by clicking the link on the right by the way) will not only become a reality but succeed. Why? Because Kerith Community Church has a history of extreme faith. Ben Davies and the Kerith Centre is an awe-inspiring story in itself, but I’ll save that for the other blogs I mentioned that I would do.

My favourite part of last night above all of the vision stuff, the excitement and the prayers was one statistic.

Since January, we have seen over 130 different people make first time commitments to become a follower of Jesus; a Christian.

That’s astounding. God is doing a big thing in our community and I’m so thankful for that. If you are a part of the Kingdom of God, let’s pray that we see people meet with God more and more, not only in this community but in communities all over the world. The church is coming alive in a stunning way; I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us over the next few years!


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