Day 78: With Everything

If you are a regular follower of my blog and hadn’t noticed already, I must warn you – I write lots about our youth band at Kerith Community Church. But there’s a very good reason for that.

A little over a week ago I wrote a post called ‘Individuals Matter’. In it, I mentioned a few specific members of the team (at random). Last night, I watched with pride as for the third week in a row, God used Revolution powerfully again. I looked at the guys in the team with immense pride:

Marija (leading worship) – She kindly stepped in for Josh who is busy with exams. I first met this girl on our tour to Lithuania with Ethos over three years ago…I had no idea at the time that she’d soon be giving a year of her life to serve at Kerith and leading so well.

Alicia (vocals) – I mentioned Alicia last week, but it’s so exciting to see her growing into such a passionate worshipper.

Megan (vocals) – Megan is part of our Worship Academy Vocals course and is an absolutely pleasure to have on the team. Quiet and unassuming but I know that her heart is sold out for Jesus. I like that.

Kayleigh (vocals) – I remember the week that Kayleigh gave her life to Jesus (a few years ago now). I also remember some of the bands she was in back then. I had no idea that one day she’d be part of Revolution…I’m really proud of her for choosing to worship God in all circumstances.

Dan and Max (electric guitars) – I have personally taught these guys from the beginning so to see them lead now fills me with immense joy. They are so gifted and good-spirited.

Jack and Nathan (keyboard and bass) – Jack is the twin brother of Max and it’s also been brilliant to see him learn more or less from scratch with Kerith legend Colin Boyle. The twins have known Nathan for years; I first saw him in the year 6 school play that the three of them were in. I had no idea that in three years he would be such a core member of Revolution. I’m really proud of him.

Jacob (drums) – I’m pretty lost for words with this guy. He’s been around from the beginning of Revolution but I’ve never seen him lead with the kind of passion he had last night. He left everything he had on the platform as he sought solely to glorify the King of Kings. He’s a natural leader, incredibly funny and exceptionally talented. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to witness his journey.

I could talk about every member of Revolution with ease, but I’m not going to. In the last few years, around 25 people have played in the Friday night Revolution teams (not to mention leading worship to our children’s group on a Sunday). They have all been fantastic, but I’m mentioning the guys that played yesterday for a specific reason.

There is no other way to say it – I have grown up with these guys. As they lead, I’m always struck by the memories that flood into my head; how they’ve grown physically and spiritually over the last few years. This isn’t just a band, it’s a family of young people that I have the privilege of being a part of. Physically, I haven’t grown much (I was 19 when I started leading Revolution), but spiritually, my entire journey has been with this team. Last night was another evening where I saw a change in ‘Revolution’. It wasn’t even a little bit about the music. Every single member of the team put everything they had into worshipping their Saviour. It brought tears to my eyes.

Revolution sung a Hillsong song called ‘With Everything’ and the impact was phenomenal. It’s one of my favourite worship songs ever written; it’s quite hard to avoid it’s annointing. Even during rehearsals we were finding ourselves lost in worship as the Holy Spirit seemed to take the opening chords as a cue to wreak havoc amongst us. Sensational. It’s always amazed me how a song can have such a powerful effect on people, but as I looked around and saw at least a hundred people meeting with God it was impossible to deny. I couldn’t help but cast my mind back to the early days where if we were lucky, fifteen people would stay to worship God. How things have changed.

By far the best part of my job – of my life so far even – is to walk alongside these young people who are growing into exceptional worshippers. It’s such a privilege to be able to see them grow and the most exciting thing by far is that this is just the beginning. Bring it on!

Revolution leading, joined by a few other members to encourage the young people for the end of ‘With Everything’.

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