Day 79: Keep Moving On

Today was pretty heavy. Apologies again for the late blog post – still keeping on with them…but only just.

It started at around 07:10 when I arrived at church to prepare for soundcheck. Despite a few technical hitches, we had a fantastic time of worship, thanksgivings for a few of our Kerith children and a great message from Lee Layton-Matthews. After we finished both the 09:00 and 11:00 meetings, I rushed over to a covers band gig with a couple of the guys from church. It was a fundraiser for our ministry for children with special need and although it was outdoors, bitterly cold for May and we hadn’t rehearsed anywhere near enough, it was strangely enjoyable! Quick stop for food before a planning meeting for the next visit to Albania in July to facilitate the youth camp we’re involved with. Then finally downstairs for our 19:00 meeting led by a band called ‘The Moment’.

I’m currently sat watching my second episode of ‘LOST’ and reflecting on my ‘sabbath’. I’m going to have to work on this whole rest thing. I know I keep saying it but the reality is that I’m much worse at freeing up my time than I am at filling it. I’m more and more aware of a need to find rest in my week but of I’m really honest, I don’t know how. As enjoyable as watching LOST is, it’s probably a bit late to constitute real rest.

Am I the only one that feels this strain? I’m pretty sure I’m not…


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