Day 80: A Few Blogs You Should Follow

The world is becoming increasingly infested with blogs – no doubt, the situation is not helped by the naive people who try and write blog posts every day for a year! However, there are a few bloggers that I’m really keen you check out:

Dan Betts – some of you may or may not know that I’m actually a twin. Well, this is the blog of my twin brother, Daniel (We’ve always had issues shortening each other’s names). His blog is an unusual combination of standard articles and some of the drawings he creates on his iPad. If I’m completely honest, whilst he’s a great writer I do tend to skip down to his latest drawings. They really are pretty exceptional. Anyone that has had the misfortune of seeing a drawing or storyboard of mine can testify to the fact that we have very different areas of gifting!

Simon Benham – the Senior Pastor of Kerith Community Church, Simon’s blog is the ultimate one to follow if you are interested in keeping up with the goings on within the community. He is a phenomenal leader and will shortly be releasing his first book, ‘The Peach and the Coconut’. Don’t miss it.

Kerith Worship – a blog from the Kerith Worship team. Every Tuesday we post all the songs we played over the weekend (including our youth events and kids worship if there was a band) along with links to the songs so you can worship to them during the week. Clever ey!? As well as that, you can also find acoustic videos, news updates and various other posts about worship.

Helen Cottee – Helen is a great friend and also happens to be my boss. I work more closely with Helen than anyone else so have gotten to know her fairly well over the last few years at Kerith. She has a hero of a husband called Dave (who, by the way, is one of the best keyboard players I’ve ever heard) along with two great kids, Will and Meg. When I first started to get to know the Cottees, I was extremely uncomfortable with very young children…I had no idea how to entertain them! It’s been such a privilege to spend time with them and realise that actually, I love children. I’m getting more and more convinced that if I wasn’t a musician, I’d probably spend my life volunteering in the children’s ministry at church! Anyway, Helen’s blog is entitled ‘Things I Hope You Know’ and is a series of posts aimed at her family. It’s powerful to read though, and very inspirational for someone like me who can’t wait to have a family of my own one day. Worth reading!

Ken and Anne – these guys do an incredible amount of travelling around eastern Europe drawing alongside various church leaders and helping them to build their churches. It’s because of Ken and Anne that we have such strong links with Albania. They are spiritual giants that do some amazing things – strongly recommend following them.

Ruth Povey – I’ve only recently started following Ruth’s posts online, but they are brilliant. She has a very powerful story and has made the conscious decision to use it to make a positive difference to as many people as possible. Very inspirational.

Lisa O’Brien – Lisa and her family were briefly a part of the Kerith community before moving back to Texas a few years ago. She blogs like a warrior and it was actually her that inspired me to try writing a year’s worth of blog posts. You should definitely take a look.

Noah’s Coffee House – my friend Ruth Buxton has a dream of starting a coffee house…but it’s much more than just a coffee house. Rather than explain it myself, why don’t you take a look? I love Ruth’s faithfulness to God, maybe you will too!

The reality is that I could probably post a million other bloggers onto here but there just isn’t the time! I hope that you enjoy these ones today 🙂


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