Day 86: One Of Those Days

When I look back at a previous year, I tend to condense it into a series of key moments – my very own highlight reel. I can do this all the way back to around 1999, when I was ten (before then it’s a bit of a mess). For example, 2008 to me is this:

  •  Rocknations (where I became a Christian)
  •  Hope ’08 (an outdoor event we played at as Ethos)
  •  Portugal (I went to visit my friend Diogo)
  •  Academy of Contemporary Music final showcase
  •  Hard Rock Calling (an event in Hyde Park where I saw John Mayer live for the first time)

Obviously, other memories will return to me at the required moment but those are the ones that spell out 2008. Yesterday was one one of the days that I know will be on the 2012 highlight reel.

It was an early start, but sacrificing sleep for a trip to the beach is always worth it. Right up there with my love of sunsets is my love of beaches. If I’m in need of rest or rejuvenation, the beach is the place I want to be. In England, that’s not the easiest thing in the world with the horrendously miserable weather, but yesterday was perfect. To be there with three of my favourite people was the icing on the cake.

Beth with George and Marija in the background…
Marija and I

After spending some time on the beach, we had lunch overlooking a park with a huge hot air balloon in it before rushing home to have a barbeque with the Revolution team. We ate ridiculous amounts of food, played games and had the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company without any of the pressures that rehearsals can cause. Bliss.

Some of the Revolution guys. I feel like a big brother to all of them, they are amazing!

What I loved most about yesterday was a conversation between Josh (one of our Revolution worship leaders) and me. We were talking about how there is a twelve-year age gap between Angharad, our youngest member and me as leader and yet there is such  a close-knit, genuine sense of community within the team. We were playing 40-40 in (I think) in the woods later on in the evening and it was so exciting to see a total mix of ages from 11-23 all having such fun. There was one point where I thought I’d be sneaky and climb a tree to hide and then looked across to see tech team legend Connor hiding in another tree about 20 feet away. I even took a picture:

Connor hiding in a tree – we were about 15 feet in the air at this point…

As I perched quietly in my tree (surprisingly comfortably), I cast my mind back to the day that was starting to leave us and realised that today would be one of those days that form the highlight reel for 2012. What a privilege and honour to get to spend it with such fantastic people. Yes, I’m sunburnt. Yes, I’m scratched and cut from running through the bushes. Yes, I’m exhausted. But yesterday is what life is all about – I only wish I could do it every day!


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