Day 87: Question Time

I often talk about how the internet makes the world smaller. It fascinates me that you can connect with people throughout the world with such ease. Over the last five or six years I have made friends with people literally all over the world but more importantly, through the miracle of technology, have been able to keep in touch with them instantly via Facebook, Skype and of course, standard emails. A hundred years ago, this would have been unthinkable. Yet at the same time, could the internet be having the very opposite effect?

We had a brilliant day at Kerith Community Church yesterday; the meetings were hinged on the fact that twenty people had decided to get baptised which is cause for a celebration! One of my favourite things about these meetings are all the visitors we have to the church. It’s great fun to meander through the masses and get to know people that you’ve never spoken to before. What amazed me was how many links there were with other people in the building (who hadn’t invited them).

One guy new another guy from a few years ago; both had since become Christians. Another guy was the brother of so-and-so and another went to school with someone else. I met a man who had been a colleague of a good friend of mine and a lady who lived only a few minutes away from where I do. It was like everyone knew everyone which totally surprised me. It was fascinating, but it got me thinking. Isn’t that what it used to be like? Why was I so shocked?

I get the impression that whilst the internet has established a sense of global community, it’s also had an effect on the sense of community within our towns. Is that just me?

It’s more of an observation and discussion point that a statement. What do you think?


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