Day 89: The Negative Blog Clog

Apologies to all those yesterday who saw my fantastic blunder in accidentally posting an unused title of a blog for today. Brilliant!

There are so many blogs around nowadays that it can be incredibly daunting to write anything at all; especially for someone like me who doesn’t actually blog on a set topic. I’ve seen a lot of blogs recently (thankfully, not by my friends) that have no intention but to complain or criticize, to bring down or offend. This trend seems to be on the increase and I need to say that I never want to be like that (although I’m aware of the irony of that statement seeing as I’ve just criticized them!).

Blogs are a fantastic opportunity for anyone and everyone, regardless of wealth, status or nationality to have a voice. To be heard. I’d love for the world’s collective voice to be an overwhelmingly positive, relentlessly optimistic one. I’m not saying that you should never be honest or open – I read a phenomenal blog post by a friend of mine who was totally open about issues in her past…but rather than using her blog as a platform to complain, she used it as a platform to encourage. I love that.

The reality is that we live in a fallen, broken world. Horrendous things happen every day. But we can do something about it. We can fix it. The generous giving from members of our church at Kerith have shown that. In four years, it has utterly transformed a town called Serenje in Zambia (for more information, click here). Our youth group, LIFE, has shown that. I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog that anti-social behaviour amongst teens on Friday evenings in Bracknell has plummeted by 80% according to the council. It might be on a relatively small scale, but doesn’t that look like change to you? These are just two things out of countless other things that happen within just one community. Because of that, I have hope. I have optimism. Change is possible.

And that’s why I’d love to see less of the negative blog clog.

Rant over.


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