Day 91: It’s All Going Down!

I’m on my lunch break at the moment, nestled in a corner of the auditorium balcony where no one will find me. It’s not the quietest place right now; not too far away from me on the ground floor, Gary (our Facilities Manager) is in the midst of using some industrial hoover typed thing on the baptistry. I have no idea why. Scene set?

My head is spinning a bit…but in a good way. Think merry-go-round or fairground ride rather than tornado or Bracknell roundabout. Today is one of those ‘big’ days – Revolution will be leading worship for the opening of the Ignite weekend and any extra time has been taken up with preparations for the REAL 2012 women’s conference. At one point, I looked across the Creative Arts office and saw that there were five people working on stuff for the conference at once. The standard is through the roof this year – I love being part of a team that is pushing its boundaries further and further. There is nothing more invigorating for me than progress!

I’m so proud of our church. When I joined a few years ago, this weekend event would have taken up all of our energy. Now it’s just another ‘thing’. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is incredibly excited for it, but in terms of preparing for it, we take it in our stride. A few years ago, the media and worship ‘stuff’ for REAL this year would have been unthinkable; now it’s the new normal.

It’s all going down in the office today and I love it! So much of a buzz about the place. So exciting.

God, I pray you continue to use us and that your will, not ours, be done. I pray that strategy and planning will always be nothing more than tools to honour and serve you better. Take away anything that is not of you, Lord. Amen.


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