Day 93: In All Seasons

So the weather outside is frightful. There is no fire that I can call delightful though – my hood is covering the majority of my face. It’s wet. It’s miserable. I’m in the middle of a field.

We’re at a place called Wellington Country Park and in a few hours we’ll be leading worship. Now I’ve played in fields before. I’ve played in barns, schools, theatres, churches, community centres, auditoriums and even in lorries, but this is definitely an experience I’m not going to forget.

God will be here today (actually, he already is). And the reality is, it’s not about out comfort. It’s about glorifying him. It’s exciting that we get to honour our Creator in the middle of his creation. I’m grateful for this opportunity to worship our incredible God.

Now, how can I warm up my feet?!


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