Day 94: Proud To Be British

Today’s post is a simple one.

You can call me British or English – in reality, I don’t really mind which. I’m not the type of person who will fly a flag from the window of my car and despite the amount of times I’ve sung the national anthem, I’m not sure I could recite the words to “God Save Our Queen” perfectly.

But I’m immensely proud to be British.

It is such a privilege to live in a country that is so full of opportunity and acceptance. We speak a language that is prevalent in much of the world, making global communication ridiculously easy. We have a government that focuses on peace over war and fairness over greed. A nation with a fantastic education and healthcare system, good employment levels (in comparison to many other countries) and many industries that are at the forefront of the global economy. The weather sucks, but it’s actually a pretty amazing place to be.

I’m not a fierce patriot. I love other countries too. But England is my home. Whatever country I live in, I will never relinquish my British heritage; England will always be hugely important to me.

So, err, there.


One thought on “Day 94: Proud To Be British

  1. It’s so refreshing to read a post about how lovely Britain is, I too am proud to be British.
    I’m so fed up of reading posts about people moaning because taxes are up and the jubilee is expensive!
    Love this x

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