Day 99: Beth Findlay’s Blog

This is one of my closest friends, Beth. I’d like you to read her first blog post – click here to read it.

There’s a number of reasons I’d like you to read it. Firstly, it’s about worship. As she’s in our worship department working with me for her Kerith Academy year, I like that. Secondly, it’s very good. Why wouldn’t you want to read a great post?! But thirdly, and most importantly, I’d love for you to read it because of Beth.

Beth is one of the kindest people I know. You will never hear her speak badly of anyone. She’s also phenomenally talented. Her grades at school were off the charts and she’s one of the best guitarists I know. The thing about Beth is that she isn’t as confident as her abilities would suggest. She hates making decisions and the idea of writing or speaking publicly is something that I know she really struggles with. What I love most about this blog post is the fact that Beth chose to lay all her fears and anxieties about writing publicly to one side and write something anyway, because she had something worth saying. I want to be like that; the kind of person that casts my insecurities aside in order to glorify my Creator. Beth is a great example to all of us.

So with that in mind, I’d love for you to scroll back up the page, click the link and read what she wrote…and look forward to the next post (I say with hope) she writes.



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