Day 100: Nostalgic Photo Fest

Another milestone today. 100 consecutive daily blog posts. Next milestone: 200.

So to celebrate reaching 100 posts, I thought I’d share a series of photos from various points of my life to give you a bit of a snapshot (see what I did there?) into it. Maybe it will help you get to know me a little more! Enjoy!

My twin brother Daniel and I, 1989
Daniel and I, slightly older (not sure when!)
First ever gig, February 24th 2003
One of the last gigs with first band, ‘Self Portrait’ (2nd July 2004). Hudson (drummer) invited me to church where I became a Christian. In January this year, Dan (guitarist left) started coming to church and is not only a Christian but also on the worship team too! Amazing how God works.
Confession: when I was 17/18, I spent £650 on a Spider-man costume. Custom made and everything. I’m such a nerd.
Izzy and I on my (well, and Daniel’s) 18th Birthday. She was cute once!
Final performance at the Academy of Contemporary Music in 2008. Great experience.
One of the most memorable ‘gigs’ ever. August 2008.
Summer holidays August 2010
New York February 2011. Such a privilege to be able to visit somewhere like that.
Me with some of my favourite people in the world.
Seeing this poster in Albania was a pretty exciting moment!
More of the same favourite people plus some new ones…
Me playing with Revolution, the youth band at Kerith Community Church. I’m seriously passionate about these guys!

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