Day 104: Tonight’s Happenings

I’m having a break before four and a half hours of rehearsals commence. It’s my regular Thursday routine – the calm before the storm. It’s probably the most tiring, but most rewarding day of the week…particularly with Revolution. I won’t need to tell my regular followers how much I enjoy Revolution rehearsals; for the new readers, it will suffice to say that I quite like it!

It’s a big evening, actually. Whilst one of the Revolution bands rehearses for tomorrow night’s LIFE youth event, the other will be learning a new song. LIFE promises to be astounding – Ben Davies, who led the church for 43 years before Simon is going to be interviewed and the emphasis is very much on eliminating any generational gaps, which I think is brilliant. As for the new song, some of the Revolution guys had requested it a while ago and it’s one of those uplifting, declare-the-incredible-truth type songs that you just know will provoke a profound response in our worship times. I couldn’t possibly tell you what song it is though; all I can say is that I’m certainly not arrogant enough to talk that way about one of my songs…it is certainly, unequivocally not one of mine!!

After Revolution, I’ll be rehearsing for Sunday – Father’s Day. I’m anticipating a phenomenal time of worship and as well as all the regular happenings, we’ve also hired in a small farm for the morning as well as a whole bunch of surprises for the evening meetings; I really hope you can make it to see more! Go to for more details…

I love that I’m part of a team where we have so much freedom to worship. If you can’t wait until tomorrow night, why not head to the prayer meeting tonight in K2 – Marija will be leading worship and the focus will be on praying for the church. Maybe you have nothing planned and can get to K2 for 20:00…why not pop along?!

I’m extremely grateful for all that is happening in the life of our church – hopefully it won’t slow down any time soon! Right, rehearsal time…


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