Day 105: Better To Be Yourself

As I near the end of a phenomenally busy week, I have to first apologise for my poor blogging effort over the last five or six days. I’ll try to do better!

Today’s lesson is another one courtesy of Ben Davies. The 72 year-old hero of the faith was interviewed at LIFE today by Liam, and when asked what the most crucial advice he could give to the young people, he said this:

“Be yourself. You will never succeed at being anyone other than yourself”

How simple, yet profound that is. We have two choices in this life: try and imitate people that have gone before us…which we will never fully achieve; or walk an untrodden path to our own individual permutations of the lives and opportunities we’ve been given. It’s a scary thought – it is much easier to live out of the mould of others, but far more rewarding to shatter the constraints of those moulds and create our own.

It was amazing to see hundreds of young people respond to this incredible truth from Ben. What a privilege it is to have him still in our midst! It’s a particular honour for him to minister to the next generations in such a loving way. Thanks Ben, huge Welsh legend!


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