Day 109: Into The Fray

This week is going to be a challenge. With REAL 2012 just a few days away, all hands are on deck, final rehearsals have hit in full force and in no time at all, it’ll all be over.

I’m discovering that I will never be fully comfortable. When I’m flat-out, no chance to sit down, barely a second to think about blogging busy I gasp for breath and cry out for rest. Yet, at the same time I seem to have a special talent for filling every second of my time with something. I’ve created two monsters and I’m stuck in between their constant battle to win my time; one wants me to ‘do’, the other wants me to rest.

I’m choosing to override my desires for rest this week. Naturally, this isn’t something I could sustain for long periods of time but for this week, it’ll do. The REAL conference is coming together nicely, plans are forming for the Autumn term and the summer break is almost upon us. What is there to complain about?! It’s such a privilege to get to do these things. As I step into the fray, this is a reminder to me to count my blessings and enjoy every moment while it lasts. They won’t last forever!


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