Day 110: If In Doubt, Honour People (Neil Taylor)

Every now and then, you meet the types of people that have an incredible ability to go from unknown entity to indispensable part of the team within a ridiculously short period of time. Neil and his wife Becca joined Kerith Community Church about a year and a half ago (ish) and their impact has been phenomenal. Becca is a legend in her own right, but today I feel I need to tell you about Neil.

Neil, also known as Neeeeeeeiiiiiillllllll

Neil is quite a quiet guy, but his abilities speak for themselves. A trained accountant by day and a general tech-head genius by night, he joined the team around a year ago and is now hugely integral to the team. Not only has he just started a new job, but he also manages to balance spending time with his pregnant wife and frankly unbelievable amounts of time at church serving for various events. You should know that last Sunday, Neil and I arrived at church for around 07:10 for soundcheck – he was the sound technician for the band and served with us until around 13:00. I then swanned off and bought a guitar, relaxed at a friend’s house and ambled back into church for the evening meeting. Not Neil. He stayed to help that evening’s band set up and then controlled the sound desk for the entire evening meeting…which finishes at around 21:00. That’s a whopping fourteen hour voluntary day which, when all his other obligations are taken into consideration, is hugely sacrificial. It’s inspirational!

Neil has also been hugely supportive with side-projects and ideas of mine, offering his vast knowledge and expertise to help make my silly pipe dreams possible. He really is a top guy. His first soon-to-be-born child is incredibly blessed to have what will no-doubt be extraordinary parents and exceptional role models in its life. For me personally, it’s a privilege to have people like Neil who set such brilliant examples of how to do life well, serve people passionately and honour God in all they do. Neil is my hero!


One thought on “Day 110: If In Doubt, Honour People (Neil Taylor)

  1. I am hoping that Neil although dedicated to what he does will be allowed and encouraged to take time out to spend time being with his wife and first child…if he doesnt want to then make him!

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