Day 113: Second Day Of REAL 2012

We’re midway through REAL 2012 at the moment – sat directly opposite me are Tom and Ben, about to play yet another game of FIFA 12 in the ‘boy room’. Technically, I think it’s for all volunteers but I’m pretty it’s been well and truly commandeered by the guys!

It’s been a fantastic conference so far. It’s such a privilege to have Shauna Niequist, Simon and Catrina Benham speaking and we’ve had a blast during the worship times. One of the things I love most about conferences is the opportunity to push the boundaries of what we would usually do – more time to rehearse, time to experiment with lights and stage design and push the limits in our welcome and hospitality. Admittedly, when it’s a one-off event, it’s much easier but it’s often during these events that we discover things that transfer across to our regular Sunday meetings at some point.

Were you at REAL today? What was your favourite part of the conference today? Is there a particular quote, message, song or conversation that spoke to you today? I’d love to hear what you thought! Have a great day!


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