Day 114: A New Liturgy

We’re in the final day of this monumental week of events at Kerith Community Church. Extra rehearsals are over (for now), REAL 2012 is finished and now there is one meeting left before a slightly more normal day tomorrow. It’s all been very exciting!

As one of our standard Kerith Worship bands sound checks for the first block of musical worship tonight, I’m sat here reflecting on our experience with Aaron Niequist. Aaron is a talented worship leader from Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. But he’s also the pioneer of something he’s entitled ‘A New Liturgy’. Rather than explain it to you, why not watch Aaron’s video below – it explains it much better than I could:


A New Liturgy – the story from A New Liturgy on Vimeo.

When I first found out that we’d be playing through ‘God Is Love’, the first movement of Aaron’s liturgies, it’s fair to say that I was nervous. It’s just so different to the style of music that we’re used to at Kerith. How on earth would people respond to it?! How on earth could we even facilitate it…on the back of one of the biggest conferences of the year for our community as well. It was always going to be a tall order; what if we didn’t serve Aaron well at all?

After a long day of REAL yesterday, the band we had assembled for Aaron met to rehearse for today. What initially impressed me about Aaron was his friendliness. He’s a ridiculously easy and laid-back guy to work with – for someone who leads worship to tens of thousands of people every weekend, that was a surprise (yes, I know it shouldn’t be but hey, that’s the way it goes!). Reheasals were good, but it was at the 09:00 meeting where I really understood what it was that Aaron was trying to achieve. We had a phenomenal time of worship and I was particularly pleased with how easily our community engaged with what was quite a substantially different style of music. It’s always encouraging when you are reminded that people are more interested in meeting with God than the style of music!! The 11:00 meeting was equally moving, so onto the last meeting we go…

We’ll be sound-checking in about five minutes; I know that tonight will be a powerful worship experience. I hope you can make it!


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