Day 119: A Story For The Grandchildren (PART ONE)

A little under two years ago, Jon McCree decided to give a year of his life to serving Kerith Community Church. Kerith wasn’t his home church, so many of us had no idea about him or who he was (apart from Ben Pocock of course, the Kerith Academy leader) – only that he was going to be working in the worship department with Helen and I.

At the time, this made me nervous. We were about to spend a year working with someone we didn’t know with almost completely unknown abilities…that’s pretty daunting at the best of times. But I’m glad he did. He’s now one of my closest friends.

Jon and I are completely different in many ways and yet at the same time there are an awful lot of similarities. Jon is a straight-forward, simple, direct man’s man – totally not me. I tend to over-think or over-complicate things and will never feel comfortable in the pub with the lads watching the football. Jon is the consummate handyman – I’m great with my hands too so long as they are operating a computer or musical instrument…otherwise, not so much. I would like to point out at this point that I’m not completely effeminate despite what this might make you think…but I am well and truly surpassed in manliness by Jonny-boy!

Having said that, Jon is passionately into playing guitar and a huge rugby fan – more than enough to solidify our friendship! His appreciation of all music by John Mayer (one of my favourite musicians) certainly helped at the time too. Very quickly, we became friends as well as colleagues.

It’s such an honour to have spent the last two years or so getting to know Jon. He’s what only the Brits would call a ‘Top Bloke’. Not only have I learnt from his vast knowledge of guitar pedal boards and so on, but he’s just one of those people that can’t fail to make you laugh. He is one of the funniest people I know!

Today I’m heading into London with Jon and a few others for the day, should be fun! Then we’re catching up on Sunday too which will be nice.

I told you this was just part one…it gets better!


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