Day 122: After The Dust Has Settled

Yesterday was a truly spectacular day. I have to say that it was probably my favourite wedding, simply for the fact that I know both of the couple so well and their family and friends are such phenomenally nice people. In fact, I’m still in a bit of a daze!

The dust that has been thrust around in celebration is beginning to settle and the wedding itself is over. But whilst it’s the end of Jon and Hannah’s separate stories, it’s one of the most significant steps they will ever take in their own story together. After the dust has settled, there will be immense laughter and joy, mundane routines and adventurous unknowns. After the dust has settled, there will be sadness and pain but also happiness beyond measure. It’s after the dust has settled that Jon and Hannah will write the core chapters of their story together and once the dust has settled they will begin to really start living life together. It’s going to be unbelievable.

Today though, this means quietness for me. I don’t know what or where the future has in store, but I can’t wait to get there. I hope I find the kind of happiness that this wonderful couple have. I’m so inspired by Jon and Hannah McCree!


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