Day 125: The Amazing Spider-Fan

I’m a huge fan of Spider-Man. A 23 year super-fan of Spider-Man. In fact, this is me:

Me as Spider-Man and Liam (dressed as a pirate)

Yes, I have my own costume. I’ve seen every Spider-Man film, television show and read a huge amount of the comics – so what I’m about to tell you I don’t say lightly:

I thoroughly disliked the latest Spider-Man movie.

Even writing that makes me wince slightly. Every part of me longs to tell you how much I enjoyed it, but I just can’t. Without giving any of the story away, all I can say is that the film well and truly lost my approval at the cranes. THE CRANES. Perhaps when you’ll watch it you’ll see what I mean.

But this post isn’t so much about the movie…it’s not a review.

Instead, it’s simply an observation to be made. I’ve found myself so immersed in the Marvel universe that I find it difficult to appreciate each new film. I’ve realised that yesterday I was so much of a Spider-Fan that I ended up being quite the opposite. Rather than revel in the character’s latest big screen outing, I found myself looking to critique and analyze it, looking for holes and poor craftsmanship.

This post is a reminder to me to look for the best in everything, regardless of how much I enjoy or know about it. A reminder to be grateful that I get to experience what I do and be a part of what I get to be a part of and to look for what’s right with it rather than where the issues are. I might not have enjoyed the latest Spider-Man film, but more than anything I’m extremely pleased that the big-wig executives choose to make another one. I’d be lost without my super-hero fix!


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