Day 129: Home Comforts

Yesterday was an incredibly straightforward day of travelling (apart from our plane being delayed by over an hour). I’ve had the privilege of visiting Albania on a number of occasions now; my passport has two pages filled purely with the Rinas airport stamp…it’s no longer a surprise. There is less of an enigma surrounding the baggage reclaim and that first baggage-laden walk out of the airport is not quite as fascinating as it once was. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, rather that it’s become strangely normal.

I was surprised however to find that, once we’d dragged our luggage up the stairs to our hotel rooms, our wifi connections kicked back into action. Albania is not only becoming normal to us, but to our electrical equipment as well! Their memories of our previous visit ensured that we had a full connection to a world away from Hotel Akropoli; small home comforts make being away from the friends and family you love that much easier.

Today we will travel a good way across the country, through the mountains and meander through many of the towns we’ve had the fortune of visiting before. Once we reach Lake Ohrid, we will make our way to Pogradec to start preparations for the conference. At that point, I will have far more exciting things to tell you about!



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