Day 130: Heat Wave

In England, we’ve been fairly miserable about the weather. And frankly, that misery is justifiable – we’ve seen almost nothing but rain since around May. Imagine the jealousy on the faces of our friends and families when we announced the weather forecast for the week in Albania. You could almost seen the green in their faces.

Well, the weather in Albania is hot – unbearably so. We’ve organised the conference about three weeks earlier than usual and the sweltering heat is really taking its toll. When your job is to do little more than relax with a book by the pool, this temperature is perfect…but when you have a conference to facilitate, it’s distinctly less enjoyable. However, the border-line crippling heat is more than workable when I remember our reason for being here.

Later on today, the conference centre will be swarming with young people ready to hear the gospel. Some of the most inspiring miracles that I have seen have happened within the confines of these buildings and I’m hugely expectant for God to do more of the same. The debilitating heat we’re experiencing is nothing compared to a glorious God who sent his one and only Son to die for us. It all kick off tonight and despite the heat waves, I’m expecting huge things in this place!


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