Day 131: Albanian Revolution

Apart from the insufferable heat, yesterday was a very good day. It began quite slowly, preparing for our respective messages and seminars but as one church after another trickled through the gates of the Nehemiah Centre, the place become noticeably more lively.

As a guitarist, I feel a little like a circus act at times – I tend to get asked a lot to play, show or teach things in Albania and it can be quite hard to focus with a surrounding audience. Not that I mind too much – its a useful tool to help connect with people that don’t speak my language…I never thought I’d be using the guitar to communicate with people when I started learning a decade ago! Other than the guitar circus, the afternoon was fairly relaxed until soundcheck and the evening meeting.

It was fantastic to see the band from Korce lead worship for the conference so well. Having worked with them in their home town only a few months ago, I felt so happy for them to be takin over from the Kerith Worship team this year. To see the conference growing in this way is extremely powerful. They reminded me so much of Revolution, the youth band at Kerith Community Church – I had the same sense of pride as they so clearly ushered in the presence of God before Edi spoke. I’m hugely looking forward to spending the next few days working more with these guys.

The evening finished with some form of basketball game…with a volleyball. For the most part the teams consisted of short Albanian boys and girls, so Neil, Liam and I had a great time! Having said that, I have the battle scars from where the boys bundled me to get the ball! It was highly amusing!

Today we’ve got a collection of seminars as well as two meetings, so I’m looking forward to a very exciting day!


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