Day 132: An Albanian Song

Yesterday was long, productive and good day. Starting with the Korce worship team and Ilyr from Elbasan speaking, we then progressed into seminars. I’ve been given the fantastic opportunity to speak on ‘how to change the world’ – not exactly a small topic but something I’m quite passionate about. I maintain that everyone has the opportunity to be works changers, even if it’s not necessarily in the way they’d hoped. I also believe that if we truly follow Jesus’ greatest commandments – to love God and love people – the world will inevitably change in some way. We also talked a little bit about people who have clearly changed the world (Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa) and what they all had in common, then we prayed for each other. It was much more structured than that, but you’ll just have to take my word for that!! I’m looking forward to leading the seminar again today and tomorrow to some of the other church groups.

After the seminar, Neil very kindly helped me prepare for my ten minute preach at Kerith on Sunday – his time was invaluable and I’m very grateful for it.

Finally, we reached the evening meeting and after worshipping for about ten minutes, a familiar song started playing. I couldn’t work out what it was though – the Korce band often put a distinct Albanian feel on each song so it can sometimes a while for us to recognise which song is playing. Then I recognised the melody; they were singing ‘Glorious’…one of my songs! I was a little overwhelmed actually – to hear a song you wrote in your tiny little bedroom thousands of miles away being sung in a different language by a band that’s not your own is quite something. Add to the fact that of all the English songs we’ve taught the Korce band, ‘Glorious’ isn’t one of them, I was incredibly flattered and honoured. I can safely say that it’s up there as one of my proudest moments! My Korce friends probably won’t read this, but I’m so grateful that they feel a song of mine can enable them to worship.

I can’t wait to see what today has in store…


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