Day 134: Home Time

Once again, we’re sat in the airport after an eventful trip to Albania. I find this part of the journey is always a mixed experience; on the one hand, the thought of leaving all of our Albanian friends is deflating…four years of getting to know people builds some fantastic relationships – there are so many stories like Grace and Alison (see yesterday’s blog post). However, there’s a simultaneous sense of excitement at the thought of heading to see family and friends and get back into my standard routine.  Fortunately, we’re leaving on a high after a phenomenal day yesterday.

After the morning meeting, we went to the nearby town of Drillon to spend some time with the Librazhd church youth group. In general, these guys have the best English of all the churches we work with so naturally, it’s easier for us to have fun with the group as a whole. After spending some time on the river (we rented two boats), we played cards and then took turns to play ‘dares’. Completely innocent but hilarious, the highlights were Neil (running into a circle of people shouting “I am princess Neila!”) and Liam (walking past a random family pretending to be a chicken) – complete with video proof. We then walked back in the blistering sun, talking about everything from food to faith and families. It was brilliant!

After dinner at the Tirana church youth group’s hotel, we started the evening meeting. Lasting nearly four hours (scheduled for one and a half!), God did some miraculous things in the building last night. I’m pleased to tell you about Grace declaring the words “I am a Christian!” and also about Alison who, whilst she wouldn’t call herself a Christian yet, was moved to tears when people prayed for her and admitted that she felt something different about God. We’ve promised to send her some DVDs to help her learn more about God. People were baptized in the Holy Spirit and making first time commitments all over as well as some hugely powerful testimonies – it was a privilege to be there.

It’s moments like last night that remind me of the incredible power of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. A sacrifice that changed the world years ago and is still changing the world in phenomenal ways today. Amen!



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